I love her all the more although
she loves me none the less—
to what she wants I won’t say no;
to me she can’t say yes.


Rufio’s Revenge

Rufio’s sword made a dent
clear through to the other side
but not so much that we can’t hide
the miracle from its event.

Down one stretch of stratosphere
the moon decides she’s seen enough
so leaves her moods and random stuff
for some new night to persevere.

Turn the outside inside out
and run it backwards downside up
then drink that from a paper cup
to taste what getting lost’s about.

The Other Richard

Mahjong tiles placed on tarot cards
mix well if done using a secret hand
we’ll show you after we make it back.

Don’t worry dress rehearsal was cut
due to a conflict we couldn’t pass up
seeing how we’re made for the part.

The other Richard will cover the rest
of our fare, only wishing he’d thought
of it before we’d passed the first toll.

Sight Unseen

I can stretch out my arms wide
from the window to the toilet bowl
as if crucified on our bathroom floor.
Sight unseen, words under control.

They’re working on a button for
if our kids choose the wrong career,
an app’ll zap them back in line.
Sight unseen, chance words sincere.

I had a book of special poems
dipped magic, nothing blurred.
When it’s found again, enjoy.
Sight unseen, best words unheard.

$20 wouldn’t get into the game
so I asked for 50 just to be sure.
They heard 550, called my bank.
Sight unseen, words for the cure.

I accidentally left the water running.
We had to squeeze our bedroom out
but slept like babies on the porch.
Sight unseen, new words about.

Six cars pull over with flat tires
from metal debris in our bed,
which’ll give us all plenty of time.
Sight unseen, meant words unsaid.